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We live on the bleeding edge of technology and relish open source to build truly incredible software. Microsoft and Oracle licensing are bad old memories as far as we are concerned. Using only highly robust, yet completely free Apache projects and numerous other tools from IT giants like Google, Twitter, Facebook and many more, we can create incredibly competitive applications.

We are extremely strong believers in simplicity, with deep exposure to the entire open source eco-system in the Java/Scala world. We know all the best tools and frameworks and we can easily pick the best possible candidate for a any task. We live at the fine line between using the newest and most advanced software and maintainability, robustness and availability of developers. By leveraging the power of the latest technology your business can deliver new products to market in times and budgets unheard off before.

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About our company

We specialise in software of great magnitude, targeting the needs of small to large enterprises, including international expansion, multi-lingual products are high user base products. Brought together by a shared passion for computer science, Scala and a vision for open source in the enterprise, we love to deliver enterprise level software with lean and mean budgets.

Our team comprises only specialists with at least a decade of enterprise experience in their fields. Combined with our overseas network and offices, it makes us almost uniquely qualified to produce world class software solutions for an unbeatable price. We spend our time working on same of the largest and most complex applications in the world, and our spare time developing the best open source frameworks for our solutions.

It doesn't really get any better than that with regards to our expertise. We are the people who wrote the frameworks, with a strong commitment to the Reactive principles, and a fresh, cutting edge, 2014 approach to development.